It is possible to have a portrait painted or drawn. The reason for a portrait is different for everyone. My basic options are detailed below, please contact us for more specific wishes and costs.

Horses & pets & people

Horses & pets
The bond we have with animals is incredibly special. This is almost impossible to explain to someone who has never experienced this.

The connection you make with your animal from your heart is special. Your animal means so much more to you than people sometimes realise. A portrait of your animal will truly bring you lifelong pleasure. Especially when it comes to that one where you never want to forget your bond together.

Since 2016 I have taken up portraying people again. Partly due to the order from Cavalry Honorary Escort with their order for a portrait of our king together with a horse from the royal stables. And through the lessons of my teacher Paul van Ernich and colleague Yvonne Heemskerk. Both former participants of Stars on the Canvas (Dutch art tv show).

Taking up portraits of people has created a beautiful movement in my work and technique. Participating myself in Stars on the Canvas has greatly confirmed this inspiration for me.


  1. Personal contact
    In this first contact we discuss your wishes, I answer your questions, I give my vision and we make agreements.
  2. Confirmation of order
    I record the agreements made in an order confirmation.
  3. Introduction
    I would like to meet you personally. My preference is to get to know the person(s) or animal(s) who are the subject of the painting. To gain as much emotional and character information as possible. A photo shoot is also an option. If this is not possible, good images and your story are even more important.
  4. Creation
    I work in my studio based on a photo. I involve you from start to finish during the process from proposal to result.
  5. Revealing of your commission
    When the painting is ready and it is time to hand the portrait over to you, we will make an appointment in my studio. It is always a special moment. Shipping is also possible on request.


Oil on wooden panel (incl. base frame)

Head, neck and shoulder (1 person/animal)

starting at € 2600
(depending on the size of the panel/canvas)

Additional costs portrait pricing: 
- bridle/halter/hands; starting at €500
- saddle/rider/body/special backgrounds; starting at €1000

Duo or group portraits, price on request.
Linen canvas also possible, excluding framing.

Graphite pencil or charcoal on paper
(excluding framing)

starting at € 650


Oil paint sketch
Pet Portrait  
oil on panel

'entry price' of € 500 (actual value based on artist factor is approx. € 900)
standard size 20 x 30 cm
based on submitted photo
excluding (box) frame

Painting portraits is custom work. The costs of an artwork depend on the choice of materials, size, composition and complexity. During an exploratory meeting, I can form a good idea of your wishlist and create a tailor-made price. 


Down payment
Voor elke opdracht geldt er een aanbetaling. Dit is standaard 50%.
A down payment applies to every order. This is 50% by default. Follow-up payments and/or down payment agreements are mutually agreed in the assignment agreement.


Travel Reimbursement Netherlands​:

€ 0.40 per km


Travel allowance abroad:

Compensation per kilometer or ticket and overnight stay if need be.


Box frames, trims and framing

Prices on request.